Harper Inc

Harper Inc

6 Episodes

Melanie Harper is at the top of her game as the owner of New York City's leading modeling agency. But her focus is torn between the antics of her agency models, her on again-off again relationship; and the ruthless plotting of her best friend, turned industry rival Samantha Baker.

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Harper Inc
  • An Unexpected Visitor

    Episode 1

    Melanie shows up at the apartment of her lead male model Nicholas after relaizing he is late to a major shoot.

  • Office Woes

    Episode 2

    Melanie's attempts to settle into her office but is interrpupted by two unexpected phone calls.

  • This is Black Mail

    Episode 3

    Melanie's Assistant Donte' is called to an impromptu meeting with Marcus (the father of Melanie's daughter) about a message he received.

  • Introducing Samantha Baker

    Episode 4

    Melanie and Donte' rush to the set for an unruly model. But Donte' is caught off guard when Melanie's rival- Samantha Baker arrives to remind him of their secrewt deal.

  • When We Were Friends...

    Episode 5

    Samantha Baker has a flash back to her past friendship with Melanie Harper, before she became jealous of her success and relationship with Marcus.

  • It's A Dirty Business

    Episode 6

    When Samantha's plan to take down Melanie doesn't happen as planned, she decides to go a different direction and use an unexpecting prospect.