Chloe's Chair

Chloe's Chair

3 Episodes

No topic is taboo when it comes to talking sex, love relationships on Chloe's Chair. Hairstylist turned love and relationship expert Chloe Martin, shares her advice and tips on dating, sex, and marriage. Each episode features a special guests, plus Chloe's co-host KP.

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Chloe's Chair
  • Chloe's Chair | Episode 4

    Episode 1

    Girl Chat. Chloe is joined by good friends Janine and ebony for some very candid and uncensored girl chat on dating. Watch what they have to say on long distance relationships and "Dating No, No's."

  • Chloe's Chair | Episode 3

    Episode 2

  • Chloe's Chair Ep 1

    Episode 3

    In this season premiere of Chloe's Chair, Chloe covers everything from being "catfished," to checking your mates cell phone. Plus special guest Dr. Massi J. Smith, and Gemini Rose weigh in on dating pros and cons.