A Cappella

A Cappella

5 Episodes

A Capella is our original series dedicated to celebrating "The Voice". Each episode features a different artist who shares their inspiration and talent in an a cappella fashion.

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A Cappella
  • Marcus Labon | A Cappella

    Episode 1

    Marcus Labon is a singer - songwriter whose roots start in the church. His passion for music is fueled by his dream to share his music around the world, and one day win a Grammy.

  • Stephanie Guy | A Cappella

    Episode 2

    Stephanie Guy is a singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from her gospel roots, as well as jazz and r&b greats.

  • Beatpeace | A Cappella

    Episode 3

    Beatpeace is a collective of artist whose mission is to provide creative platforms to express their talents.

  • ASHLEY HOWARD | A Cappella

    Episode 4

    Ashley Howard is a vocalist who uses music as a means of escape, and is inspired by eclectic music.

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    Instagram: IAmPrettyGirl85

  • Zeek | A Cappella

    Episode 5

    Zeek is an "indie" singer-songwriter whose musical roots began with his parents. He describes his vocal style as a melting pot of rock, jazz, soul and gospel.

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